The three W's


Let's discover your "Why?"


I've come to believe every session should have a "Why." Lets dig deep and ask "Why are you being photographed in this season of life?" For some it's because you struggled with infertility. For others it's been a season of diagnosis or loss. Or maybe it's because your family has grown. Whatever your why is, remember it! Let it be your driving force while planning and prepping for your session. Don't allow the perfection and the performance to consume you, but rather cling tightly onto your "why,"

Take a deep breath and let go!


Once you've identified your "why", you'll want to decide where to do the photos. Your "where" should point back to your why.  Wherever you decide to take your photos, let it be a place of significance, somewhere that is special to you and your family. 


Your when should point back to your "why." Many choose to do their family photos during the Fall, but if that's not your jam, change up the season. The whole purpose of documenting your family is to freeze time and hold onto all that this season represents: the imperfect, the chaos, the tears, and even the messy hair. It's real, and it's authentic. 

Okay so now I bet you are you thinking... 

"I love this, but HOW do I this?!? I don't know what my why is."

Well that's okay. I love connecting via FaceTime or over a cup of coffee. When we get together, we will get to know each other, identify what family means and looks like to you, and maybe even laugh together. All I ask is that both parents (if applicable) be a part of this process, in order for us to have the best session ever!