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Welcome to a new weekly blog series where I'll share my weekly life lessons. I'm going to share quick, random, and to the point thoughts that I've learned. 


Well, because I want to be more "aware" of myself, my thoughts, and everything else. I'm going to be literally sharing just about anything, in hopes to inspire, encourage, and just maybe make you smile. :)

So lets get this started....

My 6 life lessons from this week

1. PMS is real....I think it's time to just admit it.

2. When you have a squirrel living in your roof, please take care of it right away.

3. Couples therapy is totally worth the investment.

4. When God gives you a message for someone....just share it! Don't hold back.

5. I did my first IG Live by time I'll be more prepared.

6. My worth is not tied to that "thing" I'm hoping for.

Alrighty friends, do you get the jest? Now, share something you learned this week?!?