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Inspiring Latina | Karina Mora


What does being a Latina mean to you?:

Connection. I'm so proud of being Latina because it connects me to a culture that is filled with beauty and resilience.

Share your movement, business, non-profit, dream, with us::

I've been a photographer for 10 years, but I'm most passionate about connecting my family and others, to my culture. I travel to cities in Mexico to take pictures, then print and frame them, so you can always have a piece of Mexico in your home.
I'm passionate about educating others about Mexico through art. I want to challenge misconceptions and share the beauty, vibrancy, and humanity that is Mexico through my work.

What inspired you to start your movement, business, non-profit, dream, etc.:

I was inspired to start my new business a few years ago after having a few interactions with people in which there was a lack of basic understanding of Mexican culture. It was then, that I knew the importance of passing on Mexican traditions to my children, and how it was up to me to be intentional about it. I went to Mexico to clear my head and think through my feelings. While I was there I decided to create a platform to share and bridge that gap of understanding through sharing my art and pairing it with education about Mexican history.

What are some preconceived notions/stereotypes that you've faced in your business, movement, non-profit, etc?:

This whole business was started because of stereotypes of Mexican culture. From "Taco Tuesday's" to Cinco de Mayo celebrations, I hope to challenge and counter the stereotypes with history and images that show Mexico in a different light.

Who are some of your Latinx inspirations?:

@raisingespanol is a mom teaching about raising her son in a bilingual home.
@darielacruz is an artist inspiring others and sharing a bilingual & multicultural family lifestyle.
@carolina_adame is a fellow photographer, a great visual storyteller, and homeschool mom.