bethel music


I resonate so deeply with this song, and I had no idea how influential it would be over my healing process this past year. In May 2017, I started going to therapy to process through my childhood. This song became a cornerstone during my healing. I couldn't believe that in the midst of my pain, and the broken pieces of my story, God's love for me is so reckless that he would leave everyone and anyone for me. That he would light up all the dark areas of my past, he would tear down every lie I've believed, and that I AM STILL WANTED. I have wept over this song, as I have allowed it to become a song of truth, in turn allowing it to tear down the lies and mindsets that I've believed over myself for so long.

Music has a way of freeing us. There's such beauty, love and grace in it. I pray that this song blesses you! I hope that you would allow yourself to experience the overwhelming never ending reckless love of God!

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!



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Hi Everyone, it's Jeremy here! I wanted to share the first of what I hope will be many music videos. I have a huge passion for leading worship and have come across so many great songs that have encouraged my faith. I'll be recording stripped down versions of some of my favorite worship songs, originals songs, and even songs that I've come to love. My hope is to share these songs with you so that you too can be encouraged. So be sure to check back here often for new videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel!