The King has Won



Hey guys, it's Jeremy, and I'm excited to share this new music video with you. I must admit it's been a bit of a crazy season for us the last couple of months with moving and getting settled. I’m also almost fully recovered from my terrifying car accident that happened back in May, and we’ve been busier than ever with our mobile photo booth business, but I’m ready to get back into sharing these songs with you regularly. 

This song is near to my heart because it’s an original song! One of the most beautiful reflections in our faith is that of communion. We take the opportunity to pause and reflect on what really is the cornerstone of our faith; that Jesus gave his life so we could live in the freedom of mercy and grace. This song is a reminder that when Jesus made this sacrifice, all of heaven rejoiced because by the power of the Cross, now and forever, Christ the king had won. He won the battle against fear, sorrow, shame, and pain. I hope this serves as a reminder for you of that beautiful truth.


“When your blood poured out,
Lord it poured out mercy,
As your body broke,
You were breaking Chains”