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Photo By: Ed and Aileen Photography

Photo By: Ed and Aileen Photography

I can’t express the joy I have in being able to share this video with you! When Dakota was a baby (about a year old) I noticed that as I would walk around the house humming she’d be able to match my notes in her cute little baby voice. As the proud new parent I was, I of course turned it into a fun party trick :) 

 As she grew older, I realized that she had a PASSION for singing. I mean, eyes closed, hands clenched kind of passion. We would spend so much time singing together over the years and at one point she even asked me to start giving her little vocal lessons. 

What amazes me about her is that she has that little heart of worship and its grown into a full blown love for God and music.

Well, last week we went and saw The Greatest Showman together (her first time, my third), and I couldn’t stop looking over at her huge smile. She was so moved by the film and the music and so we decided to share our favorite song from the movie. There's a moment in the film where Barnum’s character hears his kids singing this song he once sung as a kid and it shoots him right back to that childlike wonder. I think that's what struck me the most about this song. It's a beautiful reminder of the wonder of a child that still lives in all of us. So I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired us!

-Jeremy Lopez