Friends, I’m super excited to share this new mini series that I’m doing with our podcast, called How to be a better friend to….

I’m interviewing my friends in my inner circle as we have a candid conversation about what it means to be a better friend…especially to someone who doesn’t live, look, or share the same season of life as you.

This idea was inspired by my friend, Melissa, when she shared with me that having cancer revealed to her who her real friends were. I wanted to interview her, and gather her thoughts around this, regretfully it didn’t happen. Melissa’s cancer came and she passed several months later. So I dedicate this series to her, as she taught me how to be a better friend, how to show up even when I didn’t have the words to say, and how to not always talk about cancer with her, but rather just life, and dream…..I admit it was the hardest thing ever. I didn’t feel right sharing what was going on in my life, but she wanted to feel normalcy. She wanted to partner with me in dreaming, and she did. Her legacy and fingerprint will forever be in me. And I just wish you had the opportunity to know her like I did.

So today if the official launch of this mini series, just 2 days after her birthday, and one day after Easter. I love all the symbolism, and how God shows up!

I hope this series blesses and encourages you!

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