What does being a Latina mean to you?

It means having a deep appreciation of my background and understanding the great importance of family. I love that our culture is family oriented, hard working, and so passionate!

Share a struggle you have faced being a Latina.

The assumption that I don’t speak English and that I’m not well educated with a great career is definitely the top struggles. However, in the realm of social media and the current platform I have, has been not getting equal opportunity to certain campaigns due to the fact that I’m a woman of color with strong features and dark hair AND super short.

Share something you love about being a Latina?

I love everything about our culture. The music, the food, the extra flavor we add to anything ;), and the importance of family.

What do you identify as? Puerto Rican

Where you born in the states? Yes, born and raised in the city of Chicago.

How have you been able to celebrate and honor your american nationality, while embracing your heritage and culture?

Yes. My parents always made us well aware of all typical Puerto Rican traditions and made sure to incorporate them while living here in Chicago. We truly had a good balance within our home and I’m so grateful for that!

Do you speak spanish? Yes, fluently.

Have you experienced colorism, or not being fully accepted by your community? Like you're too dark, or too white, etc. Please share anything you'd like to share!:

Not one that I can remember. But I’ve had my share of experiences where people stereotype me and automatically assume I only speak or understand Spanish. Love their response when I respond back to them in fluent English and make them well aware that I speak and understand both languages very well.

Is there something else you'd like to say or add?:

I’m proud to be a Latina woman and proud to represent them in any way I can! We are who we are and should never be ashamed of the things that make us unique and so special. We are passionate, wise, empowered, strong, loving, and beautiful both inside and out. What a blessing it is to be Latina!