What does being a Latina mean to you?

Being a Latina for me means more to me now that I have kids. I want to raise my kids with the culture that I didn’t grow up with.

Share a struggle you have faced being a Latina.

One struggle I face is the feeling of not doing enough for my kids. They don’t know Spanish, they’re not involved in certain programs that means a lot to Latinos. I’m raising my kids with the same unknown feeling I grew up with.

Share something you love about being a Latina?

I love the diversity within our own people, from the “guerro’s” of Jalisco, Mexico to the Afro-Latinos of the Caribbean. I love The language (although my Spanish isn’t the best), the food, the music is my favorite.

What do you identify as? Mexican/Peruvian

Where you born in the states? If not, could you share what your experience has been being an immigrant, and the process of becoming a US citizen, resident, etc.: Yes.

How have you been able to celebrate and honor your american nationality, while embracing your heritage and culture?

I really Don’t celebrate any of my American or Mexican/Peruvian culture.

Do you speak spanish? Yes, but broken.