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Friends, it's been a while since I've been able to do a weekly life lesson post! So I'm excited to share some lessons I've learned this week.

My 5 life lessons from this week

1. When I take the limitations off of what God is able to do, He shows up in BIG ways.

2. Sitting on the couch with a friend, and digging deep is something I genuinely love. I need to add some intentional time to have more time with those I call friend, and to truly value that time as a part of my work day.

3. In having a chronic illness, there will be good days, and then there will be bad days, like today, and that's okay.

4. I'm in a season of enjoying the opportunities to share my story on social media, and some podcasts. I sit in the truth of how He calls the unqualified.

5. To not be afraid to talk to strangers. It's through talking to someone I don't know when connections are made.