Man you guys, it feels like forever since Jeremy and I started dreaming up what this brand would look like, well not really. I started rebranding back in Oct. I think it took longer to figure out the name.....we had so many good ideas and concepts to which many where already taken, or they just didn't convey what we had hoped.

And even now that we've shared Authentic Adventure with you, everything in me is asking...."Does it make sense? Will it work? Are we trying to squeeze in too many parts into one?" I mean, I get that it's totally going against the grain and all, but as I shared in our WHY REBRAND post, I just couldn't keep up with the Jones's. I'm choosing to let go, and allow ourselves the freedom to share our true selves.

I'm still navigating what that means exactly and how much we will share, but I know that there's lots that we can share about life, our backgrounds, our approach to marriage and family, and so much more!

-Jasmine Lopez