I believe your story matters.

For years, I have found that anytime I'm meeting with someone old or new, they open up to me in ways that sometimes I feel so inadequate. But every time,  someone crys or says,"I don't know why, but I feel safe to share this with you," and before I know it they are sharing a piece of their story they've never said out loud before.  It's a time so sacred that I'm honored to be a part of, and now want to make myself available for digging deeper into your story. Want to know how your story matters, and how it can be used for good? Want to learn how to incorporate your story into your brand? I'm here to help!!!

Whole and Healed, is a one hour one on one mentoring session, where we meet up for coffee or via FaceTime. We will dig deeper into your story with Jesus, and  hold space for Him to heal you, in whatever way that may look.

Contact me for more info: connect@authenticadventure.co