YOUR wedding is more than just the details



I'll never forget what it was like planning my wedding almost 12years ago. The pressure, the expectations, and perfection  made us make some decisions that didn't really fall in line with the real us. And now as a photographer, I see it play out all the time. But as your photographer, I long to document your day in the most real fun way as possible. Where together, you can take a deep breath and let go....while enjoying yourselves and focusing on what your Wedding day is all about.....the celebration of  2 becoming 1, while being surrounded by your tribe of your most favorite people. So let's party, lets dance, and have fun!!!!

The approach

I like to call my style "guided posing", because who wants to look awkward in their wedding photos?!? I'll give you some direction, but allow you guys to make it YOU. I long for your photos to look natural, and real. I'll have you whisper sweet nothings to each other, flirt, and just have fun with it. The more I can help you to relax, the more natural your photos will be. And the more natural you look, the more you will love the moment, and all that it represents


Let's Meet up

If you love what you've read so far, and my portfolio, then I'd love to get coffee (or for me it would be hands down a chai tea latte) and let's connect. I believe having a connection is so important. A huge part in us working well together is you trusting me. So lets get to know each other, where I'd love to learn more about your story, and what matters most to you. To get started, just click the book me button below.