It's Okay To Feel


It's Okay To Feel

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Mental Health has been a part of my journey for the last 2yrs and what I’m learning is that It’s okay to feel. This shirt is a representation of allowing ourselves to have all the feels. It gives us permission to know that our stories, are our stories, but they don’t define us! It empowers us to know that when we are triggered, we can acknowledge those feelings to discover truth, and in turn find healing! So friend, I hope this shirt inspires you to to know “It’s Okay to Feel.”

For this design, I partnered with a local Latina artist. Her work can be found here:

100% of all profits goes to funding THE FIREHOUSE DREAM


made in the USA | sweatshop free | eco-conscious | unisex | custom shirt order | ships in 7-9 business days | true to size

Available sizes: Adult | Youth | Toddler

Available colors: white, athletic grey, silver (adults only)

No refunds or exchanges

Designed by me Victoria Baez

Model is wearing silver in a small.

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